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Panzer nest (from a German word meaning “an armoured nest” ) is a a mobile steel pillbox weighing more than 3 tons. This sample was found by “The memory of Afgan” search team on the outskirts of Borisov, not far from the Beresina River. The thickness of armour plate in the front is 191 mm, and on the sides and ceiling it is 45 mm.

After the end of the Polish - Soviet War (1919-1920) and signing the Treaty of Riga in March 1921 the Soviet Union lost some territories of West Belorussia - Brest and Hrodno regions and some parts of Minsk and Vitebsk regions were annexed to Poland.

The fortifications of  the First World War period are scattered around the territory of our country from north to sough - from the Postavy town and lake Naroch, through Smorgon, Krevo, Baranovichi and Pinsk.

In our complex you may see a turret of a Soviet light infantry tank T-26. It was a part of a tank turret emplacement of VIII battalion defence area of the Minsk Fortified Region near the Vishnevka village.