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Medium tank T-34 M1943

Medium tank T-34 M1943

T-34 has often been credited by the majority of professionals as the best and the most common medium tank of the Second World War.

This tank was created by the team of engineers under the command of Mikhail Koshkin at the Kharkov Komintern Locomotive Plant. The first production T-34s joined the battle tank forces of the Red Army in the late autumn of 1940.

Continuously refined, T-34 was produced throughout the whole war and became the mainstay of the Soviet Armed Forces and a symbol of the Great Victory.

T-34 possessed an unprecedented combination of a 500-horsepower diesel engine, heavy sloped armour, a high-velocity tank gun and high operational range. The simplicity of the construction, which allowed its mass production, its easy maintenance and quick repair in field conditions should also be added to the list.


T-34 tanks can be found in war museums and on pedestals in different regions of our country. But all of them are of its latest T34/85 model and there are almost no earlier tanks left. An exceptionally rare tank T-34/76 M1943 is located in the Complex due to our search and restoration team. The tank was assembled from seven other tanks, which were destroyed during the liberation of our republic from June to July 1944.