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Machine gun pillbox №292 (external appearance)

Machine gun pillbox №292 (external appearance)

Machine gun pillbox №292 was built in 1932 and was a part of a separate company defence area “S” of the Minsk Fortified Region.

Machine gun pillboxes were one of the most common structures in the fortified regions of the old border. The thickness of the walls and the ceiling is 1.5 m and 1.1 m correspondingly, the size of the reinforced concrete masonry unit is 150 сubical meters. 

Both the walls and the ceiling protected the pillbox from the 203 mm howitzer hight-explosive shells and the 152 mm gun projectiles.

According to the data of the Soviet intelligence service the enemy was unlikely to have projectiles more than 8 inches (203 mm) in size, so the 203 mm howitzer hight-explosive shell was the most powerful shell the protection was provided from.

Almost all the machine gun embrasures of the pillboxes in the Minsk Fortified region were stepped.  Such a form ensured an additional protection of the crew from the bullets and blast debris which ricocheted off the embrasure walls. If needed the embrasures could be closed from the inside with he help of 40 mm thick armoured shields. A shield like this could withstand a direct hit of the 45 mm tank shell. The garrison  of a pillbox consisted of 10-12 people.

The construction cost of a machine gun pillbox without ammunition and equipment was ranging from 17 to 40 thousand roubles (to compare: the BT- tank cost 112 500 thousand roubles, the artillery tractor “Komintern” was 68 thousand roubles, a 45 mm tank shell cost 10 800 thousand roubles).

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