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A detailed plan of the Minsk Fortified Region

A detailed plan of the Minsk Fortified Region

Minsk Fortified Region was the strongest fortified region of the Belorussian Military District. Its main function was to protect Minsk as an important economic and political centre as well as a major transport hub.

The program for the construction of the Minsk Fortified Region was launched under the decree of the Council of Labor and Defenсe of the USSR, dated 15 February 1932.

The total length of the fortified region was about 140 km, and the depth of the defensive zone ranged from 1 to 5.5 km.

The Minsk Fortified Region consisted of 327 concrete bunkers which are called pillboxes, armed with machine guns, antitank guns and artillery. Structurally the region was divided into 10 battalion defence areas and 7 company defence areas. Now we are in the territory of a separate company defence area “S” which consisted of 18 pillboxes. Among them there were 3 artillery half-caponiers, one tank turret emplacement with a turret of a Soviet light infantry tank T-26, the rest of them were machine gun pillboxes and command-and-observation posts. These fortifications were 4.5 km away from the border. 

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