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ATV Riding

ATV Riding

Do you want to spend some quality time with your dearest and give them an experience they will never forget? Are you an adventure traveller? Or maybe you’ve got a Big Day or a staff retreat and want to make it special?

So we offer you an exciting adventure - ATV riding! You needn’t worry about the details, everything is already planned for you: we’ve got safety gear and all-terrain vehicles for guests of every age and physical characteristics, and a detailed safety briefing, conducted by an expert trainer, ensures you have all the info you need for a safe ride. If your kids would also like to try it, we are ready to offer them ATV models sized right for children. Just trust us, it will be an unforgettable experience!

ATV riding rates:
1 lap - 2,0 BYN
3 laps - 5,0 BYN



The price includes:

  • - gasoline
  • - safety helmet
  • - safety briefing
  • - instructor’s supervision during the ride