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Raid on Military Vehicle

Raid on Military Vehicle

Driving military vehicle is definitely an experience to remember! You may combine recreation activities with a tank ride at any time, any day of the week, or with any scenario. If you are an adventure traveller, you’ve got to try it!

About the ride:
Duration - 15 min
Distance - 1750 m
Number of people in one tank - from 1 to 10


For safety purposes all military vehicles are equipped with a safeguarding system.
Children are allowed only if accompanied by an adult.
We highly recommend you to wear practical clothing during the ride!


PT-76 250,0 BYN
BMD 800,0 BYN
T-55 800,0 BYN
PzKpfw III Replica 1000,0 BYN
T-44 1600,0 BYN
StuG III 2000,0 BYN
SU-100 2000,0 BYN
T-34 2000,0 BYN

* the price is per one tank

** in addition to the above price each visitor must also buy a general admission ticket
*** you can pay either in cash (in BYN only) or by credit card at our Ticket Office

Dear visitors, please note that all tanks except for the PT-76 tank require additional preparation time, which is 2 hours in winter and 1,5 hours in summer.

That is why it is recommended to book the ride in advance. To contact us please call +37517-512-12-33, +37544-716-34-59, +37544-716-34-69 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sample photos:

When you ride the tank, the flag of your country (and all the states' flags are available) is going to be hoisted atop of the tank and free pictures will be taken by the Stalin Line photographer.