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Shooting from the armored train

Shooting from the armored train
Stalin Line offers a new paid service – guests can shoot at targets imitating Nazi machines and soldiers out of an armored train.
Guests put on Soviet tank uniforms and helmets on top of their clothing. The armored train commander will give a shooting class, teaching the guests the basics of the 107mm gun and Maxim machine gun.
On commander's signal one of the guests aims the 107mm gun at the Nazi tank and shoots.
The objective is to hit a self-propelled gun, two tanks and an armored vehicle.
Then on commander's order the guest shoots the Maxim machine gun at the enemy personnel targets. Three groups of targets must be hit.
After this the guests take pictures by the armored train, with a 107mm shell and remove the tank uniforms.
The game should take from 50 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes for a group of 6.
Please, book the interactive game at least 1 day ahead.
The game can be scheduled from 12:00 round the week.
The group can consist of 4 to 8 guests, BYN 100 per person.
It can be held for one guest for BYN 250 and 2-3 guests for BYN 350.
You can book "Our armored train" interactive game by phone:
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