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Life support compartments: the filter and the engine rooms

Life support compartments: the filter and the engine rooms

In the filter room there therre are 16 filters connected into 4 columns with 4 elements each.

The filter-ventilator unit serves for the removal of the explosive gases and the protection of the military post against the enemy’s chemical weapon. In case of a chemical attack, the air delivered into the unit gets cleaned in the filters which are half stuffed with absorbent coal and swansdown. Household equipment, combat rations, drinking water and kerosene could also be stored in this compartment.

Next to the filter room there is the engine room, which is the core element of a pillbox. A petrol-electric generator set AL - 12/2 (which is a gasoline-powered engine connected with an electric generator) was the main source of power, and a fixed heater was used both for its cooling and heating. Gasoline was used as a fuel, and its supply was stored in the generator set fuel tank and in a separate cistern.

As a rule the ventilators of Farko system with electric drive only were used in the artillery half- caponiers because of their high air demand. The fan capacity of such ventilators was 3600 cubical meters per hour. The expulsion system of explosive gases removal was applied due to the pressure created by the ventilators.

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