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Fighting casemate

Fighting casemate

A half-caponier is divided into the following main sections: two fighting casemates, a commandant’s compartment which is equipped with a periscope, a telephone and a radiostation, a filter room and an engine room with a gasoline-electric set and a ventilator.

Main armament of the fighting casemates was two 76,2 mm guns M1902 mounted on Putilov plant carriages M1932. The gun was operated by a crew of seven men. Five of them were located in a fighting casemate, and two were in the airlock. The combat load was 300 shells per gun. During the battle the empty carriage cases rolled down the sloping platform into the collecting shaft, which is now right under our feet. The ammunition supply was arranged here on the shelves and was delivered to the gun through the door porthole.

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