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Artillery courtyard

Artillery courtyard

Such structures as artillery courtyard were attached to the main building in the second half of the 1930s. In peacetime these courtyards served as watchhouses, and in wartime they could be used for accommodation of the infantry or an additional combat load of the pillbox.

The artillery courtyard was also used for storing the entrenching tool (you may see it here on the wall), some munitions and uniform items. Furthermore, the courtyards of this type were covered with a layer of soil, making the back side of the pillbox completely invisible in aerial photographs taken by the enemy.

The wall features a patriotic inscription: “We stand for peace. But we are not afraid of threats and are ready to return blow for blow any aggressor’s provocation”. This is a quote from the speech made by Josef Stalin on the 17th party congress in 1934. That sort of inscriptions could be found in all the buildings - the quotes were taken from regulations, speeches of government leaders and from battle-cries.

The entrance is equipped with a double-locked anti-assault grid. The fire was delivered through the embrasure by the Degtyarev machine gun  DP - 27 M1927. To the left side of the building there is one more embrasure for greater protection of the entrance.

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