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Swedes on the Stalin Line

Swedes on the Stalin Line

Dear guests from Sweden, when you will be in Belarus you're welcomed to visit the Stalin Line Museum.

This is the only museum in the world where you will be greeted with the flag of Sweden! You will take a free photo with Swedish flag and then raise it on the flagpole of the Stalin Line.


Only in this museum you can ride on a tank with the flag of Sweden. The photographer of the Stalin Line will take a picture of you for free and will provide it to you by email.


There are many Soviet military and engineering equipment.


The museum has real concrete bunkers Stalin Line which were built in 1928-1938. One bunker is armed with cannons and the other with machine guns.


Also you could shoot from Soviet Union tank or canon at a nazi tank.


There are an armored train and two hangars of the Soviet and German equipment of the Second World War and Swedish tracked articulated Bandvagn 202! You can see them during a special tour. You can climb an armored train and tanks only with the permission of the guide.


Only on the Stalin Line can you touch Soviet history and have a good time. Welcome to Belarus!


Dolph Lundgren and Sabaton already done it.





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